Oskars Ozolins

Company/University: Swedish ICT

Cell: +46725570209

Email: oskars.ozolins at acreo.se

Address: Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Box 1070, Kista SE-164 25, Sweden

Research topic:
He works on long distance transmission of coherent systems with advanced multi-level modulation formats and digital signal processing. He is specialized in the area of optical communication systems with wavelength filters with different physical realizations, diffractive and micro-optics, optical signal processing e.g. all- optical modulation format conversion.
Oskars is a postdoctoral researcher at Acreo Networking and Transmission Laboratory (NETLAB). Oskars received his Doctor of Engineering Science in 2013 from the Riga Technical University (Latvia) and part of the thesis was carried out at the High-Speed Optical Communications Group (HSOCG) in the Department of Photonics Engineering of Technical University of Denmark (Denmark). He also has been visiting researcher a in FOTON Laboratory (CNRS UMR 6082), ENSSAT, University of Rennes 1.