Auro Perego Michele

Company/University: AIPT Aston University



Address: Aston University, Aston Express Way, B4 7E7 Birmingham, UK

Research topic:
Auro’s research interests are: laser physics, Raman fibre lasers dynamics, Raman amplifiers, polarisation dynamics in lasers and amplifiers, mode-locking, nonlinear optics and pattern formation in nonlinear systems.
Auro obtained his bachelor and master in Physics at the “Università degli Studi dell'Insubria” in Como, Italy; respectively with thesis on experimental test of Bell’s inequality in quantum optics, under the supervision of Prof. Luigi Lugiato and Dr. Maria Bondani; and on the theory of active mode-locking in lasers, under the supervision of Prof. Franco Prati and Prof. Germán de Valcárcel (Universitat de València).