Aston Institute of Phonic Technologies

Aston Institute of Phontic Technologies

Over 20 years, the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies has researched and developed advanced nonlinear techniques for increased capacity, transmission distance and improved functionality of fibre systems.

Spin-off companies have commercialised our research and we continue to collaborate closely with industry to make our applied experimental, modelling and simulation work relevant to commercial system requirements.

The AIPT Telecommunications Systems Laboratories house amplified in-line and recirculating loop testbeds operating at very high data rates (>80 Gb/s) with Bit Error Rate test capability and WDM. Within ICONE experimental work will focus on the research of new Raman amplification techniques for high speed, long haul optical fibre communications and sensing applications.


UNLOC UNLocking the capacity of Optical Communications

Programme Grant funded by EPSRC to research the future of optical communication systems. It is recognised that global communication systems are rapidly approaching the fundamental information capacity of current optical fibre transmission technologies. This will have a devastating impact on the economy – leading to either a capacity cap or price increase. Both will impair economic growth.

UNLOC research is on new approaches to unlocking the capacity of future information systems that go beyond the limits of current optical communications systems: combining techniques from information theory, coding, study of advanced modulation formats, digital signal processing and advanced photonic concepts to make possible breakthrough developments to ensure a robust communications infrastructure for the future.



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